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  • Massage has been used for millennia as part of Chinese, Egyptian, Greek, Roman, Japanese, and Indian traditions. Not only can massage help support circulation, increase energy flow in the body, and promote well-being, but it’s also one of life’s simple luxuries. No matter if you’re getting a massage to help you relax physically, to take a mental retreat, or both, incorporating essential oils can help you enhance any massage experience.

  • Maybe your goal is to run a race. Perhaps you just want to run around with the kids. Whatever your goal, turning up the intensity using interval training this year will help you meet that goal.

  • Our sense of smell is one of the strongest triggers for emotions and memory. Diffusing special fragrances into your home during the holidays is a special treat that invites a special experience that you can reminiscence about in the coming years.

  • We love the men in our lives, and sometimes it's a fun challenge to try surprising them with meaningful gift to show that we care. Whether you're shopping for an athlete, essential oil enthusiast, chef-in-the-making, or someone who defies categorization, we hope you'll find inspiration for the gift that they'll never forget.

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