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  • Every now and then, we all get a visit from the Bedhead Fairy. If you have children, you know that bedhead can strike any time, night or day, without even having to see a bed. The next time you’re trying to tame some wild tresses, reach for this DIY detangler!

  • Have you ever felt hesitant about bringing up the topic of our essential oil-infused dietary supplements with your health care provider? We want to help you have productive conversations that will ease any nervousness! Using our dietary supplements as part of a wellness regimen is important to any Young Living member, and as with any other supplement or wellness product, we recommend the common sense approach of consulting with your licensed health care provider prior to use.

  • Find your cauldron and your broom. We’ll give your guests a fright. A potion for a party, yes, then witches will take flight! So craft it well, and drink it deep. Soon day will cast its sheen. Taste the Witch’s Brew, my friends, this coming Halloween!

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