2 ml Amber Glass Bottle with Reducer (12-pack) Unbranded

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The 2 ml bottles are the perfect size for sharing samples with others. And because they come in a pack of twelve, you will have plenty of bottles to share.

Spread the word about Young Living essential oils by allowing others the chance to sample essential oils for themselves with these beautiful, high-quality glass containers. Simply add your favorite blends to the bottle using a pipette or glass dropper, label the bottle, and share the benefits of essential oils with your loved ones, co-workers, and potential clients. All 2 ml Dram bottles come with an orifice reducer and a cap to make essential oil use as simple and clean as possible.  

What’s Included: When you order this product, you get a pack of 12 amber 2 ml glass bottles, complete with orifice reducers and black caps.

Size:  Bottles are ½" in width by 1 ½" in height and hold 2 ml of oil (between 25 and 40 drops).

How to Use:

  1. Use a pipette or glass dropper to transfer desired liquid into the 2 ml glass bottle.

  2. Once desired liquid is in the bottle, snap the orifice reducer onto the top of the bottle. The orifice reducer allows for drop-by-drop use of essential oils, making application much smoother.

  3. Screw the cap on to the top of the bottle, and share your essential oil magic with the world.

Helpful Hints: Using a pipette or glass dropper makes essential oil transfer much easier. Check out our selection of plastic pipettes and droppers in all different sizes to fit the bottle you are using.

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