Clear quartz crystals are known to have a strong vibration compared to other gemstones, making them ideal for use with bored OM tuning forks. Because of its strong vibration, quartz enhances the healing and calming benefits of the OM fork’s natural power. This quartz Crown Jewel Tip screws easily into bored OM forks for your convenience. With a high-quality rhodium polish, it is also durable and long-lasting. Reach deeper calm and meditative states with this powerful clear quartz Crown Jewel Tip.

What’s Included: One 16M clear quartz Crown Jewel Tip with rhodium polish. Comes with carrier box.  

Size: Fits onto bored OM tuning forks.

How to Use:

  1. Screw the clear quartz crown jewel tip into the end of your bored OM tuning fork.

  2. Use in your gemstone healing, vibrational healing, energy work, and yoga, massage, and aromatherapy practice.

Helpful Hints: Use Clear Quartz Crown Jewel Tips to enhance your positive affirmations. Because clear quartz is known to be a very good holder of intents, you can program it with your intents, affirmations, and hopes.  

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