The Black & Gold Twist Atomizer is the perfect addition to any handbag or cosmetic case. Its convenient size and shape allow you to take your favorite essential oil mist wherever you go. Filling it is easy, and the elegant gold detailing on the sprayer and button elevates this functional accessory’s classic styling.

 What’s Included: 1 8ml Black & Gold Twist Atomizer

 Size: 1” Diameter x 3.25” Length

 How to Use:

 1. Gently pull the empty atomizer apart at the middle.

2. Carefully lift the gold-buttoned top from the casing.

3. Twist the top off of the glass reservoir.

4. Add distilled water to within ¼ inch of the top.

5. Add your favorite essential oils.

6. Replace the top.

7. Tuck the glass reservoir back into the casing.

8. Re-assemble the two parts of the casing.

9. Shake well.

10. Twist at the center of the casing to push up the gold button

11. Spray at your leisure.

12. Twist to tuck the gold button within the casing and prevent spills.

 Helpful Hints: Clean the reservoir after using up each batch. Do not use pure oil in this atomizer, cut with distilled water. 


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