What you say, what you think, what you feed, the veterinary care that you choose, the home you provide, and even your self-care has an impact on your pet! Journey with me, a holistic veterinarian, into the mind-body connection that controls your pet's emotional and physical well-being and then,"Live with Your Pet in Mind!" Positively impact the quality and longevity of life experienced by you, and your dog or cat; engage in the recognition and implementation of five powerful, life-changing areas of focus. Open your mind to telepathy and animal communication, Conscious Language(TM) practices, natural nutrition with species-appropriate raw diets, titer testing, and the avoidance of excessive vaccinations. Learn how natural modalities, such as acupuncture and essential oils, are easily integrated into your pet's natural health care. Learn how to identify and avoid toxins in your little carnivore's processed food, environment, and in your own lifestyle. Be aware for self-care! Read ingredient labels. Be your pet's advocate. I will teach you in a fun way, using real-life anecdotes, how to live up to your pet's expectations! This book is for you, the intense pet lover, who fancies yourself to be more than a pet guardian, but rather, a pet parent. This is for you, the reader who wants your pet to live forever, but you never realize how important your own well-being is to the good health and happiness of your best four-legged friend. This is for you, the book lover who thinks you've read all there is on pet care. There are some surprises between the covers of this self-help for the person and pet. As an integrative veterinarian, I have observed the uncanny coincidence of dis-ease in my pet patient and the similarity of imbalance in the guardian or another close household member. Is the pet a sponge, a mirror or a canary in the coal mine? Do we need to be more careful about how we care for ourselves because we are unknowingly harming our pets? "Live with Your Pet in Mind" may be the awakening that revolutionizes how you, and the rest of the pet-loving population, think about pet needs and wants, and how you respond to these fur-kid desires. Just when you thought you couldn't possibly love your dog or cat anymore, this read will create a deeper connection than you could have ever imagined possible. And with that, will come your new found sense of responsibility to attain the ultimate in truly natural, holistic family care. The Foreword was written by ~ Marcella Vonn Harting, Ph.D. in Psychoneurology and Integrative Health. she authored among others, the titles, “Yes, No, Maybe” Chronobiotic Nutrition” and“Guerrilla MultiLevel Marketing. She is the founder of Highest Potential Academy, the program where Dr. Jodie first learned about Conscious Language.

Dr. Harting says, "I think the most important message in Dr. Jodie’s book is her authenticity and true caring for you as a human being and the animals you love and care for. Greg Tilford, author of "Herbs for Pets" has this to say about Dr. Jodie's outreach, "A compassionate, experienced and gifted veterinarian and teacher, Dr. Jodie's work takes animal healing to the next level where concepts of health, wellness and green living combine with animal companionship to enrich the lives of humans and animals alike. 

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