"The Animals Never Lie" is a collection of intriguing case reports from Dr. Fox’s holistic veterinary practice that will inspire and amaze you. Many times, alternative medical therapies are sought after an animal hasn’t responded to conventional medicine or when it has been given a poor prognosis from a chronic disease. Animals cannot fake or pretend a response to treatment, whatever method of therapy is chosen.

Oftentimes, when a product from nature is offered, the animal instinctively “knows” what it needs and readily accepts it. There is no prejudice or bias where animals are concerned: the animals never lie. You’ll be astonished at the animals’ resiliency and strong will to persevere as you read through these stories of spinal injury, severe allergies, chronic illness, cancer, etc. All of the case reports have been “translated” into easy-to-understand language so non-practitioners can easily read them.

Page Count: 103

Year Published: 2018

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