“New understandings have led to an expansion of Essential Oils use, beyond mere chemistry, into ever subtler, vibrational, intuitive approaches that explore realms of consciousness and wholeness.  It is this vibrational ‘butterfly effect’ of Essential Oils and consciousness to powerfully transform our bodies, minds, and lives which justifies them being called ‘butterflies in a bottle’.” – Gregory T. Hitter, Ph.D.

 “Butterflies in a Bottle” by Gregory T. Hittler, Ph.D., provides a theoretical explanation for the mechanism of enhanced mental and physical wellness through the vibrational energy of Essential Oils. Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils are some of the most powerful, complex and elegantly simple vibrational tools available today.  Discover the powerful effect their subtle vibrations can have on healing, connecting and unifying your physical, mental and conscious self.

 Overview of Topics:

  • The Enlightened Postmodern World
  • Illuminating DNA Cellular Memory with the Light of Consciousness
  • Unifying the Self: Changing the Infrastructure of Disease 
  • Self-Questing: Enlightening Consciousness with Essential Oils
  • Recommended Vibrational Tools and Supports
  • Tapping the Power of Consciousness, Nature’s Chemistry and the Causal Vibrational Body
  • Author’s Concluding Note

 Product Details:

Pages: 86

Chapters: 6

Published: 2009

Size: 5.5” x 8.5” x .25”


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