FOR THE oblivious/indifferent/skeptical HUSBAND:

Everything a Man needs to know about Network Marketing, Essential Oils, and Young Living

Most Young Living books were written for people who know what ER, OGV, and EODR stand for—you know, people who know who Lindsey Elmore is—but not this one…

FOR THE oblivious/indifferent/skeptical HUSBAND is for people who know what the NFL, NRA, and MLB are—the kind of people who can name at least two of the teams Lebron’s played for.

Men enjoy the book because it is incredibly funny, it’s super easy to understand, and there are lots of sports, hunting, fishing, and car references. Probably their favorite part, though, is that it doesn't take long to read, so they can get back to watching the game.

Women love the book because once their husbands read it, wives stop hearing about pyramid schemes and snake oils…and they no longer have to answer questions like these:

  • What is Network Marketing?
  • Will this affect our taxes?
  • Will we lose our friends?
  • Why does my wife spend so much on oils?
  • How much money can my wife make?
  • And many, many more.

So, if you’re tired of trying to explain why “100% pure therapeutic grade essential oil” may actually mean “95% tap water,” buy this book. You may also want to get it for your husband so you can quit using puppets to show him (for the tenth time) how just about every business is in the shape of a pyramid (…“See honey, this King Kong doll is like the manager where you work…and the three stuffed animals under him, they are like the department heads…and under them are all these action figures and bouncy balls, those are the workers…”).

Just imagine it…for less than what you would probably spend on a salad and Diet Coke at lunch, you not only put an end to the snake oil comments, with no more puppet shows, your kids can finally have their toys back!

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