“Medical Aromatherapy – Healing with Essential Oils” demonstrates that for hundreds of years Essential Oils have been used successfully for healing and deserve more serious consideration as a current therapeutic option.  Author Kurt Schnaubelt traces aromatherapy’s French origins paralleling the development of pharmacology.  He explores the molecular make-up of major Essential Oils; their composition, biosynthesis and effect in healing – including their action as anti-inflammatory, antihistaminic, anti-bacterial and anti-viral agents.  He stresses that understanding the chemistry of Essential Oils allows one to appreciate their effects and applicability.  He reviews the standing of aromatherapy as an alternative medicine in the present social and cultural landscape within science, government and industry.  He believes that the fact Essential Oils can never be patented is a virtue.  Aromatherapy returns power to the patient, lessening dependence on the authority of the medical establishment and regulation by government. 

Overview of Topics:

·         An Unclear Picture

·         Odor is Identity

·         Evolution and Pesto

·         The Vitalist/Physicalist Debate

·         Unhealthy Consequences of the Scientific Revolution

·         Science and Plant Intelligence

·         A New Economy of Healing

·         Healing and Belief

·         Aromatherapy Delivers the Goods

·         Essential Oils

·         Composition, Biosynthesis and Safety of Essential Oils

·         Classifications of Essential Oils

·         Applications

Product Details:

Pages: 296

Chapters: 13

Published: 1999

Size: “6 x 9 x 1”

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