“Have you ever felt as if there was a time bomb inside you ready to explode at any second, yet you are unable to identify the source of this feeling?”  Unresolved and repressed negative feelings remain alive in one’s physical energy field and affect day-to-day life.  Learn how to address and resolve this negativity with the revised and updated edition of “Feelings Buried Alive Never Die”.  Buried feelings are very real.  They are energies in and of themselves and will manifest sooner or later.  Learn how to understand, cope and manage these energies in a therapeutic and healthy fashion with author Karol Truman’s guidance.  Tune into your feelings and learn how to use the tool dialogue of “scripting” to transform your emotions.  Free yourself of negative emotional energy with “Feelings Buried Alive Never Die”.

 Overview of Topic:

  • Chapter 1: The Language of Feelings
  • Chapter 2: Energy Vibrations
  • Chapter 3: Where Feelings Begin
  • Chapter 4: How Feelings Impact Our Lives
  • Chapter 5: The Importance of Becoming Single Minded
  • Chapter 6: Erasing Illusions
  • Chapter 7: Let's Get Started
  • Chapter 8: The Major Feelings
  • Chapter 9: It Just "Is"
  • Chapter 10: Early Up-Bringing
  • Chapter 11: Becoming Accountable
  • Chapter 12: Getting Along With Others
  • Chapter 13: When Feelings Remain Unresolved
  • Chapter 14: Discharge Your Stress
  • Chapter 15: Eliminating Stressors
  • Chapter 16: Enjoy the "Now"
  • Chapter 17: List of Feelings
  • Chapter 18: A Personal Experience and Probable Feelings Causing Illness
  • Chapter 19: Self-Fulfilling Prophecies
  • Chapter 20: A More Harmonious Being
  • Chapter 21: Freeing The Soul

 Be sure to check out Karol Truman’s other inspirational book – “Healing Feelings From Your Heart”. This book is available through Life Science Publishing.

 Product Details:

Pages: 307

Chapters: 21

Published: 2013

Size: 6” x 9” x .75” 

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