Become inspired as you witness God’s hand in the creation of the molecules within Essential Oils following “The Chemistry of Essential Oils Made Simple”.  David Stewart breaks down the chemistry of Essential Oils in a thorough, easy to read manual accompanied by over 100 pages of simple diagrams and graphs.  His miraculous insights combine science and religion and demonstrate how chemistry reflects God’s deep love for his children.  Scripturally based, this book provides an education of Essential Oils that explores both their composition as well as their profound healing effects when accompanied by prayer and faith.  Wonderful anecdotes of scientific discovery, chemical compositions, exceptional indexes, cross references and cross-indexed tables of botanical names are included as well.  Understand the curative effects and chemistry of Essential Oils from a spiritual perspective with “The Chemistry of Essential Oils Made Simple”.  

Overview of Topics:

Introduction: A Letter from Me to You

Part One: A Short Course in Chemistry

·         Review and Critique of Resource Literature

·         What Oils Do in Living Plants

·         Basic Chemistry Made Easy

·         The Chosen Ones

·         Organic Chemistry Made Easy

·         Lord of the Rings

·         Biochemistry Made Easy

·         Chemotypes and Environmental Factors

·         Isoprenes, Terpenes, and PMS

·         Common Compounds in Essential Oils

·         Oils Versus Drugs

·         Practical Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

Part Two: Catalogs of Compounds in Essential Oils

·         Common and Scientific Names of Plants

·         Chemical Analyses of Essential Oils

·         Classes of Compounds in Essential Oils

·         Most Popular Compounds in Essential Oils

Part Three: Beyond Chemistry

·         Preamble: A Book of Its Own

·         Article 1: The Limits of Science

·         Article 2: Biotransmutation of Elements

·         Article 3: The Nature of Matter

·         Article 4: Consciousness in Essential Oils

Part Four: Appendices & Resources

·         Chemistry Course Outline

·         Glossary

·         Annotated Bibliography

·         Index

*Be sure to check out David Stewart’s other inspiring book “Healing Oils of the Bible” (English and Spanish editions).  This book is available through Life Science Publishing.

Product Details:

Pages: 845

Published: 2005

Binding: Hardcover

Size: 6.5” x 9.25” x 2” 

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