Are You Ready for a Miracle?... with Chiropractic

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Due to a car accident at the age of thirty three, Angelica Wagner found herself in a wheelchair. Diagnosed with permanent paralysis, she found complete healing using chiropractic and other forms of Natural Healing. In this book, people around the world share their stories of heightened awareness, and how their lives changed. As a research neuroscientist, doctor of integrative medicine, PHD, Angelica has discovered many techniques using natural healing and products. Angelica has devoted her lifetime to finding non pharmaceutical answers to serious disease and illness. Experiencing miracles daily, Angelica Wagner invites you to a new consciousness in the healing of miracle transformation.

“Never before has a book captured the spark of Chiropractic like this one. This book offers insight for every doctor and patient alike. A must read for the skeptic, affirmations for the rest of us.”

-Dr. Jay Holder, Laureate Albert Schweitzer Prize in Medicine

“Albert Einstein once wrote, “ There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle, the other is as though everything is a miracle.” This powerful book shares the message of healing with all of God’s people.

-Dr. Bob Hoffman, DC, EICA.

“Are you ready to travel the cosmic ladder into a world that you never thought existed? Are you ready to carry a consciousness that’s different than most everyone you know? What you are about to read will irrevocably change your perspective towards life, that which follows, and that which intertwines. And, you can thank your angels.”

-Dr. Eric Scott Pearl, International Healer, Author, Speaker.

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