Young Living 6 mm Yoga Mat Purple

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Access your healing place with this state-of-the-art 6 mm yoga mat. Slip-resistant, perfectly cushioned, and easy to clean, it’s perfect for your practice of yoga, pilates, or simple meditation.

This high-quality yoga mat might just become your new favorite mat. With a non-slip surface, premium materials, and ¼” thickness for just the right amount of cushion, it’s ideal for yoga, pilates, and meditation. Its carefully crafted materials make it resistant to wear and easy to clean. Take off your shoes, roll out your mat, apply your favorite Young Living essential oils and get started on your practice.

What’s Included: This item is sold individually. When you order, you get one 6 mm yoga mat.

Size: Yoga mat is adult length and 6 mm, or ¼ inch, thick.

Helpful Hints: If your yoga mat could use a little refreshing after you use it to work out, it’s easy to clean it up. Just wet a rag with warm water and mild soap and give your mat a good wipe-down. Wipe it with warm water to rinse the soap, and then leave it in a sunny spot to dry.

*This product ships individually due to quality control. If this product is being ordered in conjunction with other products please allow up to 48 hours from receipt of first products for delivery. 

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