15 ml Glass Droppers (6-pack)

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Use these glass dropper to easily apply, transfer, and mix essential oils. These 15 ml size droppers fit our 15 ml glass bottles.

Mixing and transferring essential oils is markedly easier when you use the right tools. Avoid mess and waste of oils with this handy black dropper. Made with a rubber bulb and glass pipette, it’s a quality tool that will make your essential oil use much more efficient. Add it to our 15 ml glass bottles for a perfect fit.

What’s Included: This item is sold in a package of six. When you order, you get 6 three-piece droppers, including black rubber bulbs, black plastic caps, and glass pipettes.

Size: Droppers fit our 15 ml glass bottles.

How to Use:

  1. Place the tip of the pipette into the essential oil or other liquid you are using.

  2. Squeeze the black bulb and then release it to draw the liquid up into the pipette.

  3. To release liquid into its desired destination, squeeze the black bulb again.

Helpful Hints: These childproof lid droppers make filling your own pills extremely convenient. Just pop open the empty pill capsule, draw liquid into the dropper, and carefully squeeze it into the capsule. Check out our selection of capsules for easy use with our droppers.

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