15 ML Pump Sprayers (6-pack)

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These pump sprayers are designed for use with our 15 ML glass bottles. Sprayers come in a six-pack for your convenience.

Use the 15 ML Pump Sprayers to spritz out your favorite essential oil creations.

What’s Included: Six 15 ML pump sprayers with plastic caps.

Size: Sprayers fit 15 ML size bottles.

How to Use:

  1. Cut the tips of the sprayer tube if needed to fit the height of the bottle you are using. Cut tip at a 45-degree angle for best results.

  2. Wipe the thread of the bottle before screwing sprayer on to ensure a good seal.

  3. Twist sprayer onto bottle.

  4. Mist, spray, and spritz your favorite creations wherever you desire.  

Helpful Hints: It’s a great idea to have extra pump sprayers on hand in case others get jammed or otherwise become unusable. These sprayers work great with any of our 15 ML bottles. For best results, use liquids that are water-based rather than oil-based to ensure sprayer does not get clogged.

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