4ML Lip Balm Container Teal 8 Pack

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Stock up on quality cosmetic containers with a 8-pack of plastic lip balm jars. Perfect for holding your homemade lip balm creations, these jars are a handy addition to your natural beauty toolset.

Whether you are making your own homemade cosmetics or creating essential oil products to share with others, these 4 ml plastic lip balm jars make the perfect container for your precious products. With a screw-on lid for airtight protection and sturdy walls, these jars will help your creations stay fresh longer.

What’s Included: This item is sold in a package of ten. When you order, you get ten lip balm containers with plastic lids.  

Size: Lip balm containers hold 4 ml of product.  

How to Use:  

  1. Add desired product to the lip balm container.

  2. Screw the plastic cap on.

  3. Label your container so you won’t forget what’s inside.

  4. Store and use your favorite homemade creations without worry.

Helpful Hints: If you are using essential oils in your homemade lip balm, check out our selection of droppers and pipettes for more accurate transfer and mixing of oils.

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