5 ml Faded Purple to Yellow Glass Bottle Steel Roll-on with Gold Lid (6 Pack)

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These new  faded puple to yellow colored roll-ons help protect your oils from degrading by keeping damaging UV rays from causing oxidation. Use them to store your favorite oils, share them with others, or simply make your favorite oil a handy roll-on.

This set of fading purple to yellow glass 5 ml roll-on bottles have a sleek slim shape that helps them fit more compactly and evenly in a small space. Use them to share your favorite oils, mixes, or carry smaller versions of your favorite oils.

What’s Included: Six 5 ML glass roll-on bottles with steel balls. Gold lid caps are included.

Size: Bottles are 2 ¼” high and ¾” in diameter. Bottles hold 5 ML, or about 1/4 ounce, of liquid.  

How to Use:

  1. Add desired liquid to the roll-on glass bottles. If you are using essential oils, you will likely have best results if you also use a carrier oil to make the roll-on bottle roll more evenly. (Try using our glass droppers or pipettes for the easiest transfer of oils.)
  2. While holding the bottle upright, carefully and firmly push the roller top onto the mouth of the bottle until it clicks into place.
  3. Label your bottle so you don’t forget what’s inside.
  4. Store bottles upright to prevent spills.

Helpful Hints: If you misplace or wear out any of the steel balls in these roll-on bottles, it’s easy to replace them. Just order a six-pack of our Steel Roll-on Ball Replacements and pop a new steel ball into your glass bottle top

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