5 ml Slimline Cobalt Blue Glass Bottle with Steel Roll-on (6-pack)

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This set of cobalt blue glass 5ml roll-on bottles have a sleek slim shape that helps them fit more compactly and evenly in a small space. Instead of the curved 5ml bottles, these have a uniform cylindrical shape. Use them to share your favorite oils, mixes, or carry smaller versions of your favorite oils.

These cobalt blue-colored bottles help protect your oils from degrading by keeping damaging UV rays from causing oxidation. Use them to store your favorite oils, share them with others, or simply make your favorite oil a handy roll-on.

 What’s Included: 6 slimline 5ml cobalt blue glass bottles with roll-on lids

 Size: .5” diameter x 2.25” length

 How to Use:

  •  Use a pipette or apothecary dropper to transfer oils into these bottles. Allow .25” from the to accommodate the roll-on top. Push roll-on top down until it forms a  tight seal. Cover with lid when not in use.

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