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Store all your homemade household cleaners, air fresheners, and more in this essential-oil-safe amber glass bottle. Its large size makes it perfect for large batches of homemade product, and its amber glass keeps UV rays from compromising the contents of the bottle.

This durable, high-quality amber glass bottle is the perfect container for your all-natural products. Whether you use it to mist out your homemade floral waters, body spritzes, room sprays, or household cleaners, you’ll love this bottle’s sturdy feel and smooth spray. Because it is made of glass, this bottle is ideal for use with essential oils, and the dark amber color will protect your creations from harmful sunlight rays. Add this bottle to your collection now and spray away your problems.

Size: Bottle holds 8 ounces of liquid.

What’s Included: This item is sold individually. When you order, you get one amber glass bottles with trigger sprayer.

How to Use:

  1. Add desired liquid to the glass bottle.

  2. If necessary, trim the end of the tube on the sprayer to make it the ideal length (about ⅛” above the bottom of the bottle). Sprayer will work best if the tube is cut at a 45-degree angle.  

  3. When you’re ready to add the spray top on, wipe down the thread of both the bottle and the spray cap to get rid of any dust or buildup that might be there.

  4. Screw the spray cap on to the glass bottle.

  5. Spray your favorite homemade creations wherever you need them most.

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