Alkaline Water Bottle Black

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Re-dedicate yourself to nourishing your body with the water it needs with this top-of-the-line alkaline steel water bottle.

As a result of the highly acidic nature of many modern foods, many of us live day-to-day with too much acid in our bodies. Drinking alkaline water is an excellent and easy way to bring the body back into balance. This sleek and handy Life Science alkaline water bottle makes it convenient to get the alkaline water your body needs. Just add water to the bottle, wait a few minutes for the water to alkalize, then take your ultra-nourishing water with you wherever you go. This bottle holds 12 ounces of water, making it easy to get your optimal daily water intake. With an alkaline steel drinking bottle, you can get your body back on track with water that will balance, nourish, and sustain.    

What’s Included: This item is sold individually.

Size: Bottle holds 12 ounces of water.

How to Use:

  1. Add water to the Alkaline Steel Drinking Bottle.

  2. Take your water bottle with you wherever you go to keep yourself hydrated with pure, balanced water.

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