Alkaline Water Pitcher

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Bring your body back to perfect balance with this Alkaline Water Pitcher. Big enough to hold and alkalize 3.5 liters (roughly 118 ounces) of water, this pitcher will provide your body with the quality of water it needs to perform optimally, and it will make it easier for you to get the right daily water intake for your body type.


Many of us walk around with too much acidity in our system. The Alkaline Water Pitcher can offset some of the acidity that occurs as a result of our modern diet. Just add water to the pitcher, and let its built-in alkaline mechanism do the work for you. Once your water is alkalized, you can hydrate your body and get it back in balance at the same time. The Alkaline Water Pitcher holds 3.5 liters (roughly 118 ounces) of water at a time, making it easy to get your optimal daily intake of safe, pure, and balanced water.

What’s Included: This item is sold individually. When you order, you get one Alkaline Water Pitcher.

Size: The pitcher holds 3.5 liters (roughly 118 ounces) of water.

Helpful Hints: Because of the intuitive design of this alkaline water pitcher, it’s easy to replace the filter when it has reached its limit. Check out our replacement filters to extend the life of your pitcher.

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