Whether you are a yoga student, teacher, or anyone looking to learn more about the power of aromatherapy, this book will teach you how to create a powerful mind-body experience through the use of potent essential oils. With a detailed list of suggested essential oils for yoga asanas, meditations, and affirmations, Aroma Yoga also includes simple energy exercises, a detailed explanation of the different chakras and associated poses, and whole aroma yoga routines that can be practiced on your own or taught in yoga classes. If you want to experience a deeper level of relaxation and balance, let Aroma Yoga give you the tools you need.   

Overview of Topics:

  • Essential oil basics

  • Essential oil lists

  • Essential oil precautions

  • Essential oils for the chakras, meditations, energy exercises, asanas

  • Detox Aroma Yoga class

  • Restorative Aroma Yoga class

  • Activating Aroma Yoga class

  • Choosing high quality essential oils

Product Details:

Pages: 100

Chapters: 9

Published: 2011

Size: 6” x 9” x ½”

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