Discover the power of prayer, hands on healing and anointing with aromatic therapeutic oils in “Healing Oils, Healing Hands”.  Author Linda L. Smith, founder and director of the Institute of Spiritual Healing and Aromatherapy, takes a look at the practices of Early Christians and their forms of healing.  Prayer, hands-on healing and anointing with healing oils were just some of the curative practices employed by these ministries.  Since these early times, we have lost sight that healing involves a rejuvenation of both the soul AND body.  Rediscover what healing truly means following the information and techniques provided by “Healing Oils, Healing Hands”. 

Overview of Topics:

·         Anointing-Making Sacred Our Connection to God

·         The Use of Healing Oils-Through the Ages

·         The Earth’s Medicines

·         Vibrational Remedies

·         Using Our Hands to Heal

·         Creating Rituals of Healing and Anointing

·         The Oils of the Ancient Scriptures

·         Oils Used by Medieval Healers and Modern Day Healers

·         The Art and Science of Blending

·         Anoint Us with the Oil of Gladness, The Oil of Joy for Wholeness

Product Details:

Pages: 320

Chapters: 10

Published: 2008

Size: 6” x 9” x .75”

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