AromaGo 91 Vial Triple Compartment Bag (15 ml, 5 ml, and 1 ml)

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Take all of your oils with you and store them in a single, convenient, portable carrying case. This triple-compartment, 91-vial cross body bag makes it easy to organize your oils and take them all with you. Foam cutouts help you align, insulate, and protect your oils on the go. 

This 91-vial carrying case uses three separate compartments to store your oils safely, conveniently, and in the best environment. The insulation and padded foam enable you to keep your oils at the ideal temperature, prolonging their life and effectiveness and protecting them from dropping or spilling. With it, you can organize your oils and have them all at your fingertips on a moment’s notice.

 What’s Included: One three-compartment, zippered cross body bag with shoulder strap holding up to 91 bottles (12 of the 15 ml, 30 of the 5 ml, and 49 of the 1 ml).

  Size: 7” x 8.25” x 4”

 How to Use:

  •  This carrying case is used to organize your oil bottles into three different groups to make finding the right oil for the right situation much easier.

 Helpful Hints: Use this carrying case to hold 15 ml, 5 ml, or 1 ml bottles of every oil in your collection. Or, use it as a sharing tool to take to parties or demonstrations. Try our 1 ml roll-on bottles and create samples to share as well as samples of carrier oils and personal blends.

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