Share the benefits of Essential Oils (single oils and blends) with family, friends and team members (current and future) using these petite 1/6 glass vials.  Attach the bottles to business cards, greeting cards or information packets using the clip on cap.  These tester vials provide the perfect avenue for sharing Essential Oils with your down line. 

 Size: 5/16” wide, 1⅝” high (including cap).  Holds ⅙ dram (equal to .62 mL or ⅛ tsp)

 What’s included: 12 glass vials and 12 dabber caps (with clip) to make sampling oils a breeze!

 How to use:

  1. Transfer oil from another bottle to the 1/6 glass vials using a plastic pipette, syringe or glass dropper.  Check out our plastic pipettes (1.5 and 3 mL) to simplify the transfer process!
  2. Once your preferred oil has been inserted, place the dabber cap in the opening of the vial.  Tightly squeeze together until fully inserted.   
  3. Label the bottle and share the benefits of Essential Oils with the people in your life!

   Helpful Hints:

  • Don’t forget to label your bottles!  You’ll want your friends/team members to know exactly what treasures they are receiving!
  • Use a drop plastic pipette to make refilling sample bottles a breeze!  Our plastic pipette can fit through the neck of the 1/6 glass vials which reduces the chance of spillage. 

 *Be sure to check out our disposable pipettes to make transferring oils simple and mess free!




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