When you need to transfer essential oils, mix oils together, or fill empty pill capsules disposable pipettes are the perfect tool. Translucent so you can see the liquid inside. Inexpensive and easy-to-use, these 10-ml-size plastic pipettes are a must-have for your medicine cabinet.  

What’s Included: This item is sold in a package of six. When you order, you get six disposable pipettes, each 10 ml in size.

Size: Pipettes hold 10 ml of liquid.

How to Use: Disposable pipettes are handy and easy to use. Just follow these steps:

  1. Squeeze the bulb of the pipette.

  2. Place the tip of the pipette into desired liquid and release the bulb while tip is still submersed in liquid. This will fill the pipette up with liquid.

  3. Squeeze the bulb to release liquid from the pipette.   

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