This six-pack of 5 ml glass bottles comes in amber not just because it is a stunning color, but also because the deep color lets in less light. This means that when you store your essential oil creations in these bottles, the oil quality is not compromised. Mix your favorite oils together, transfer them to these amber glass bottles, and rest assured your oil creation will maintain its potency much longer than it otherwise would.

What’s Included: When you order this product, you get a pack of 6 amber 5 ml glass bottles, complete with droppers.

Size: Bottles hold 5 ml of oil, or approximately 1 teaspoon.

How to Use:

  1. Use a pipette or glass dropper (order one here) to transfer desired liquid into the 5 ml glass bottle.
  2. Once desired liquid is in the bottle, screw on dropper to the top of the bottle. The dropper allows for drop-by-drop use of essential oils, making application much smoother.
  3. Share your essential oil magic with the world.

Helpful Hints: When using glass bottles for long-term storage of essential oil creations, look for colored glass like amber or cobalt to ensure that too much light won’t get into your bottles and damage the oils. Check out our other sizes of cobalt blue bottles to fit all your bottling needs.

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