Full Spectrum Success

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Create a universal message, build a perfect team, and become a better communicator with the help of Full Spectrum Success. In this fascinating book, Jacob Adamo teaches how to understand the four color personality types and how to best communicate and build success with each one.

Whether you are leading a team, selling a product, or simply trying to strengthen your relationships, Full Spectrum Success is an invaluable tool for learning to be a better communicator. In this life-changing book, Author Jacob Adamo uses the four color personality profiles (red, blue, green, and yellow) to offer a lens through which to understand yourself and others. By studying the driving principles behind each personality type, you can then connect with others you may not have been able to connect with before and be able to achieve success for all.  

Overview of Topics:

  • The colors

  • Red—The what

  • Blue—The why

  • Green—The how

  • Yellow—The who

  • Proper application

  • The reason

  • Method to the madness

  • Building a “true” team

  • Presenting in “true” color

  • Colorful conclusion

Product Details:

Pages: 70

Chapters: 11

Published: 2014

Size: 5” x 8” x ¼”

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