Gameplan: Essential Oils 101 CD - Sarah Harnisch

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This is the script that started it all. Sarah gave this script 280 times across the country, and it was these few pages that launched her into a Diamondship. She says repeatedly that all you need is a 3-page script and a starter kit to succeed. This lecture is half of the tools you need to make it in this business.

The script answers the who-where-when-where-why-how of oils. Compiled from a stack of aromatherapy encyclopedias, it covers over 50 years of aromatherapy in 3 tight pages. What are oils? Why does purity matter? Can I just get oils at the store? What about using them on my children? Why do some sites say it’s not safe to ingest oils? Sarah holds 6 certifications in various fields of aromatherapy and has been a researcher for over 18 years. This is the CD she hands out at live classes to double class size and it’s the CD she includes in mailings. Every new oiler should hear it once before breaking into their new starter kit. Let Sarah ignite your passion for essential oils with this fast-paced ground-up class!

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