Grow; Seeds of Wisdom for Budding Leaders - Amanda Uribe

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Knock down your personal road blocks and start growing your Young Living business with helpful insights from Diamond ranking Amanda Uribe.  

Have you ever wanted sit in the kitchen with a Young Living leader? Maybe have a cup of tea and ask them a bunch of questions about growing a great business? Perhaps just glean a few nuggets of wisdom to guide you in your endeavors? Well, now’s the time. Learn from Young Living Diamond, Amanda Uribe, as she shares what it takes to GROW your business. Go grab a cup of tea and settle down for an hour or two. In the pages of this book you will find answers to your questions, and hopefully, gain insight into how to grow your own garden of leaders.

Overview of Topics:

Chapter 1: Starting A Young Living Garden

Chapter 2: The Hesitant Seedling

Chapter 3: The Outgoing Seedling

Chapter 4: Colorful Blossoms

Chapter 5: Friendships before Oils

Chapter 6: The Rule of Thirds

Chapter 7: When Teaching

Chapter 8: Business Education

Chapter 9: Grow with Nutrients

Chapter 10: Essential Rewards

Chapter 11: Nuture the Sees

Chapter 12: Budding Leaders

Chapter 13: Social Media

Chapter 14: Mentorship vs. Dictatorship

Chapter 15: Pollination: Be Duplicatable

Chapter 16: Time Spent in the Garden

Chapter 17: The Forgotten Family

Chapter 18: Time Management

Chapter 19: Fantasy and Reality

Chapter 20: Rising Star Team Bonus

Chapter 21: A Faster Start

Chapter 22: Roots Deepen

Chapter 23: Strategy in Growth

Chapter 24: Enroller or Sponsor

Chapter 25: Growing Wealth

Chapter 26: Building a Team

Chapter 27: Pulling Weeds

Chapter 28: Personality Conflict

Chapter 29: The Myth of Multitasking

Chapter 30:The Spirit of the Garden

Chapter 31: An Attitude Challenge

Chapter 32: Promotions

Chapter 33: Over-Flowing Wheelbarrow

Chapter 34: Seasons of Life

Chapter 35: Final Thoughts 

Product Details:

Pages: 125

Published: 2016

Size: 9" x 6" x .5"

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