Handy Mister Reservoir Replacement (3-Pack)

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Our replacement reservoir helps preserve your Handy Mister personalized cold misting atomizer. By changing the reservoir every 90 days, you’ll prolong the life and effectiveness of your device. The replacements come in a packet of three.

Your Handy Mister is capable of dispensing 1 ml per second. The reservoir holds 7 ml and can provide the perfect nano-scale mist that is best absorbed by the skin. Simply use the included mixing and dispensing bottle to combine your favorite oil with distilled water, shake it thoroughly, and begin misting as desired. If desired, create a collection of reservoirs to hold specific oils and make cleaning much easier as well as clarity of the aroma.

 What’s Included: 3 reservoirs for the personal Handy Mister.


  Size: 1.1” x 1.3” x .5” H

  How to Use:

 Fill mixing and dispensing bottle with distilled water as desired. Adjust according to your own desired strength. Shake the mixture thoroughly. Pour into reservoir. Mist as desired.


 Helpful Hints: Change out the reservoir every 90 days to prolong the effectiveness of your Handy Mister.

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