When getting started in your Young Living business, you may be unsure how to share your amazing product with the world and uncomfortable with the sales jargon that you encounter in training manuals.In Harmony, Joy, and Abundance, Diamond Distributor Vicki Opfer believes that succeeding financially and retaining integrity are not mutually exclusive goals. In this must-have book/CD set, you will learn that sharing your product with others does not have to involve convincing, manipulating, or pressuring. Instead, Opfer shows how you can duplicate her Young Living success by sharing from the heart.

Overview of Topics:

  • How to help share your story from the heart

  • Where to find people with whom to share Young Living

  • Sharing scripts

  • Interacting with others about the oils

  • What they should order and how they should enroll

  • Sharing Young Living as a business opportunity

What’s Included:

  • Harmony, Joy, and Abundance Book

  • Harmony, Joy, and Abundance CD

  • Essential Oils: Nature’s Gifts for Healthy Families CD

Product Details:

Total Running Time: 40:20

Tracks: 7

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