Hormones Tear Pad (50-sheets)

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Pass out these eye-catching, informative pages at your next event to teach others about the role hormones play in our bodies and how essential oils can assist in hormone balance.

The Hormones Tear Pad is a powerful sharing tool for use in everyday conversations and at essential oil events. Double-sided and packed with detailed information about the importance of balanced hormones in both men and women, this handout will help you teach others about the part essential oils can play in balancing hormones naturally. The tear pad keeps handouts intact and unrumpled until you are ready to pass them out to potential clients. Their easy-to-read and informative content will draw people in who want to learn more about essential oils and hormone balance.

Features: The front side of the Hormones handout discusses how hormones control virtually all body functions and how deficiencies in certain hormones play out in the form of different health problems. On the back side, the handout teaches how specific Young Living essential oils can be used to assist with hormone balance.  

What’s Included: When you order this product, you get one Hormones Tear Pad, complete with 50 sheets of double-sided, full-color Hormones handouts.  

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