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Get toned, lean and feeling great using the power of meditation plus exercise. Former champion Figure Competitor and YL Fit Brand Ambassador Londin Angel Winters brings you cutting-edge technology with these workouts. She guides you into powerful meditations and routines which get you into the mindset and moves that melt fat the fastest. Each workout is about 20 minutes so there's always time to do them. 

If you are ready for a total body-mind transformation, Mindful Sculpt will give you nine intense workouts that combine challenging bodyweight moves with the power of intention. All workouts are 30 minutes are less, meaning you can fit them in no matter what your schedule is like. Mindful Sculpt workouts are fun and help you stay in tune with your body, allowing for maximum fat burn and deeper intuition at the same time.  

What’s Included: When you order this product, you get one Mindful Sculpt USB flash drive with the following workouts:

  • Total Body Tone (25 minutes)

  • Booty Blast (20 minutes)

  • Inner Thigh Melt (20 minutes)

  • Upper Body Tone (20 minutes)

  • Arm “Flap” Blast (15 minutes)

  • Abs Melt (20 minutes)

  • 20-Minute Calorie Torch (30 minutes)

  • 30-Minute Calorie Torch (30 minutes)

  • Foam Roll Practice (15 minutes)

Product Details:

Total Running Time:3 hours 13 minutes

Tracks: 9 video tracks

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