Natures Remedies Doctor Mom Module

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Learn how essential oils are used in conjunction with most common childhood ailments safely and naturally in this Nature’s Remedies manual. From head colds to fevers, educate yourself on how to keep your family healthy.

Nature’s Remedies manuals are an excellent way to educate your clients and yourself on how to use essential oils and other natural treatments to cure common health problems. With this invaluable training manual on hand, you will always know the right essential oils to use to doctor your family. With a detailed chart that lists the most common childhood ailments from toothaches to diarrhea to ear infections and the appropriate essential oils to treat them, this manual will become a go-to for any Doctor Mom. This manual makes the perfect home bookshelf reference, and it is also ideal for use at your business to help you educate clients and generate interest in your Young Living business.

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Pages: 12

Published: June 2012

Size: 8 ½” x 11” x ⅛”

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