Plastic with Steel Roll-on Replacements for 5 , 15 and 30 ml Bottles with Lids (10-Pack)

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Turn your Young Living essential oil bottle into a roll-on for easy application. These steel roll-on ball replacements come in a pack of 10. 

If you live in the average household, things get lost. There’s no way around it. With a 10-pack of these replacement caps and lids on hand, you won’t have to worry about your precious essential oil mixtures going topless for long if you lose or crack a cap. Store the caps with your other essential oil tools and be prepared for anything.

What’s Included: When you order this item, you get a package of  steel roller-on replacement caps that fit Young Living glass bottles 5 ml and 15 ml and 10 adaptive lids. 

Size: Fit 5 ml and 15 ml bottles.

How to Use: Roll-on ball caps and lids are easy to use. Just push them on to your bottle with the lid removed and then use adaptive caps to secure.

DISCLAIMER: We have test fitted these with Young Living bottles and they fit perfect!   

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