Replacement Filter for Alkaline Water Pitcher

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Use this replacement filter for the Life Science Alkaline Water Pitcher to turn ordinary water into pure, balanced hydration.

When your Alkaline Water Pitcher needs a little refresher, it’s easy to drop in a replacement filter and continue your enjoyment of fresh, alkalized water. Simply remove the old filter and drop in this replacement one, and your pitcher will perform like new. These advanced-technology water filters increase the ph of the water you use, allowing you to bring your body back into balance just by drinking your recommended daily amount of water.

What’s Included: This item is sold individually. When you order, you get one replacement filter for our Alkaline Water Pitcher.

Size: These filters fit in our 3.5 liter (roughly 118 ounce) Alkaline Water Pitchers.

How to Use: Filters for the alkaline water pitchers typically perform well for about six months. At that time, you will continue to get the purest, best water by changing out your filter. Just toss your old one out and insert a replacement filter, then continue your enjoyment of pure and ph-balanced water.

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