Secrets of the Millionaire Mind

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In over 5 decades of business cycles, Angelica Wagner excelled as a business entrepreneur. She challenges business and individuals to search within themselves to forge the paths of excellence, found within their passions and soul work. She encourages the reader to “ wake up” to their purpose, mission and vision to walk the path of abundance. In this business book, Angelica shares her personal revelations during her multi million dollar, multi decade real estate career. The secret principles in this book generate financial miracles in all economies.

Although this book was stolen before publication by another author, there is a never revealed SECRET chapter. This secret chapter teaches the reader how to recruit professional accounts, massively multiplying scale, market reach and exponential financial results.

“Creating excellence lies in vision, mission and being “on purpose.”A delightful humorous book with refreshing insights on creating exponential growth in the corporate world.”

-Robert Allen, Best Selling Author Nothing Down, One MInute Millionaire 

“The wisdom of the collective unity is the glue that creates excellence in business. Angelica’s words inspire change where focused corporate vision and values are the agenda.“

-Rick Frishman, Planned TV Arts

“Read it only if you want booming results in your business.“

-Big Al Schreiter, Networking Times

“Secrets of the Millionaire Mind” ™ will provoke you into living your life with joy and passion. Let it’s wisdom transform your life.“

-John Assaraf, The Street Kid Company

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