Small Gold colored Metal Funnel (3 pack)

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With a set of these mini funnels, you can make all your mixing and pouring of essential oils much easier and hassle-free. Just the right size to fit the mouth of nearly any glass bottle, these funnels allow you to pour small portions of your creations without spills or waste.

If you have a batch of homemade lotion, essential oil blend, massage oil, or other natural products that you need to transfer into bottles for storage, these mini funnels are a tool you won’t want to be without. Just insert the funnel into the mouth of the bottle, pour your mixture into the mouth of the funnel, and transfer easily without mess or waste. Keep a three-pack of small funnels on hand for all your pouring needs.

 What’s Included: This item is sold in a pack of three. When you order, you get three mini funnels.

Size: Funnels are 1 inche wide at the top and about 1 inches long.

Helpful Hints: Have a pouring job that requires a larger size funnel? Check out our large funnels, which have a wider mouth for bigger jobs.

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