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Within the information on this USB, you will find the information you need to change your life so you can change the lives of others around you.

Within the information on this USB, you will find the information you need to change your life so you can change the lives of others around you.

 You will find:

 3 Very in depth classes

About 1 hour and 15 minutes long

You will be able to teach classes and look professional

Included homework assignments

PDF Slides of every class

AND a bonus audio


Gain the knowledge of Teri Secrets’ 35 years of experience in business!


Igniting the Entrepreneur In You

Get ready to learn the 3 most important skills to maximize success in any business and take that business to the top! Teri Secrest takes you through this exciting journey of going from Employer to entrepreneur with grace and ease! Included in this course: transforming your mindset, changing downhill habits into uphill habits, discovering your true passion, how to discover and develop your business strategy, how to manage your time well, finding your mentors, becoming a mentor, developing the 5 vital qualities of a leader.

 PLUS: The PDF of the slides!


Become a Leader of Influence

Do you know you are born to be a person of influence? You are created to be a world changer! In this online course, Teri Secrest walks you through strategies for developing core confidence, understanding that you are truly marked for success and she gives you a path for expanding both. Looking at wisdom from the past, you will learn how to structure your business and avoid swimming upstream! You will learn the importance of asking good questions and the art of listening. Teri shares 5 ways to develop insight in your business and how to become the trend! Discover the power of your inner circle and how to choose someone for your circle. This teaching concludes with how to develop your own personal style in business!

 PLUS: The PDF of the slides!


A Biblical Perspective on Essential Oils Digital Course:

Join Teri Secrest for a fascinating journey back in time to learn about the Biblical history of essential oils. Discover the secret to Esther’s irresistible beauty. Find out why Moses made the Holy Anointing Oil unto the Lord. Learn the customs of anointing Kings and sanctifying the temple to keep it pure. Imagine having access today, to the same oils used over 2000 years ago for maintaining wellbeing and vitality.

 PLUS: The PDF of the slides!


BONUS: Anchoring Your Life in Joy ~ Audio

Are you desiring a flood of joy to enter into your life? What if by adding a few simple tools your tool chest you could live the words Jesus repeatedly spoke, “Be of good cheer”!

I want to hand you 3 keys to intentionally creating a joyful life and 5 action steps to get you there!


To book Teri as a keynote conference or ministry event speaker, go to www.terisecrest.com

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