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Marie Ruggles,

On May 22, 2016 as I was praying, God put it onto my heart to use the oils and breath to develop a very simple meditation for people who are in grief & distress.  During my daily prayers I started to receive affirmations and prayers along with specific essential oils they should be used along with. 

 Charts within the booklet contain affirmations and prayers along with the essential oils to use them with.

 By practicing The Aromatic Breath on a regular basis, you can expect to:

  • experience an emotional shift
  • be re-energized, renewed
  • move into greater calm
  • find strength to move through grief
  • find help in forgiving, physical wellness, and reaching your goals
  • experience more Divine inspiration through meaningful prayer

All oil-affirmation/prayer combinations have come to me during prayer.

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Published: 2017

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