Up Your Game Hardcover - David Bradford

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Do you want to accelerate your move to the top professionally? Do you desire deeper personal relationships? Up Your Game is the answer! 

Do you want to accelerate your move to the top professionally?  Do you desire deeper personal relationships? “Up Your Game” is the answer!  Networking is essential to success no matter where you are on your career trajectory.  Learn about the connection between people and opportunity with the help of author David Bradford.  In this book, David shares his six “Up Principles” - start up, show up, follow up, link up, stand up and scale up.  These are the same strategies he employed himself that allowed him to reach tremendous success as CEO of two of the hottest tech companies in the world.  Learn the practical application of networking from one of the most well connected people on planet earth, David Bradford, with “Up Your Game”. 

 Overview of Topics:

  • From Bottle Cap Kid to CEO
  • It’s Easier Than You Think
  • Timeless Principles, Changing Technology
  • Principle 1 – Start Up
  • Principle 2 – Show Up
  • Principle 3 – Follow Up
  • Principle 4 – Link Up
  • Principle 5 – Stand Up
  • Principle 6 – Scale UP
  • Six Timeless Principles That Can Definitively Up Your Game

 Product Details:

Pages: 193

Chapters: 9

Published: 2014

Size: 6” x 9” x .75”






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