Level 2

Certified Professional Aromatherapist (CPA) – Level 2

Course Description

This three day professional level class in aromatherapy builds upon the information presented in Level 1. Organic Chemistry of 35 additional oils is discussed along with vibrational frequencies of oils, toxicity and EO safety and botany and taxonomy. The anatomy and physiology and the EOs known to support the following systems are explored: Cardiovascular, Lymphatic and Immune, Psychoneuroimmunology, Reproductive, Urinary, Respiratory, and Digestive Systems. The oils are presented using a holistic approach incorporating physical, emotional and spiritual qualities. Development of Intake and Assessment skills as part of a greater professional development are included along with consultation and client education. Blending by classifications and chemistry is introduced along with a review of blending by note. Students then create a blend for specific purposes for a partner and are led in a series of heart-centered healing techniques utilizing both energetic healing and aromatherapy. Legal, ethical, and professional issues are discussed, as well as ways to do a research paper, conduct a case study, and develop a business in aromatherapy. To complete Level 2, two additional manuals will be required for the homework beyond the manuals required for level 1.

24 hours class time
126 hours homework
Plus 100 hours completion of Level 1 (24 hours class time and 76 hours homework)
Total: 250 hours to be a Certified Professional Aromatherapist

Course Objectives

The participant will:

1. Review the content of Level 1 course.

2. Discuss modern history of EOs and their uses in a professional setting.

3. Describe the basics of botany and taxonomy, the fundamentals of chemistry and vibrational frequencies underlying the healing abilities of EOs on the physical,

emotional and spiritual body.

4. Describe toxicity and contraindications and EO safety.

5. Examine the healing qualities of certain EOs known to support specific physical systems: cardiovascular, lymphatic and immune, psychoneuroimmunology,

reproductive, urinary, respiratory and digestive systems.

6. Create customized blends with carrier oils to be used with a partner.

7. Practice using EOs with various heart-centered techniques.

8. Review criteria for research paper and case study process to complete Level 2 requirements.

9. Discuss professional, legal and ethical issues including record keeping, liability insurance, code of ethics, standards of practice for professional aromatherapy practice.

Course Content

Organic chemistry of 35 additional oils, vibrational frequencies of oils, toxicity and safety, botany, anatomy and physiology of cardiovascular, lymphatic and immune, psychoneuroimmunology, reproductive, urinary, Respiratory and digestive systems, body/mind/spirit issues, professional intake and assessment, consultation and client education, blending by classifications and chemistry, heart-centered healing techniques utilizing energetic healing and aromatherapy, legal and ethical issues, developing a business in aromatherapy, case, studies, research paper, homework.